Strive for Quality
Viva manufacturing plants are certified with ISO9001:2008 and cGMP and it is our key strategy to maintain the highest and most consistent quality standards for our products and services.
Strive for Sustainability
Being a packaging manufacturer, Viva has been actively pursuing and enhancing the sustainability aspect by increasing the recyclability of Viva products to help protect the environment. For example, Viva has conducted a Life Cycle Assessment on Viva Injection-molded Tubes to evaluate the benefits of using Viva tubes in compare with other market tubes.
Fully Integrated One-Stop Shop
Viva manufacturing environment is fully integrated and automatic to achieve maximum quality controls, process customizations and efficient logistics. Viva has in-house CPP film extrusions for media packaging and tube in-mold labels production. A fully integrated printing workshop includes artwork processing capability, in-mold label substrate production, Gallus printing press, label lamination to produce tube in-mold labels. All production downstream automations are designed, built and used in-house.
Innovations and Diversifications
Viva has always been actively looking for new business opportunities and innovations that suit our unique manufacturing capabilities and culture. Viva enters into a new industry by bringing new benefits and values to the industry.
Customers Loyalty
Viva manufacturing plants are setup in close proximity to customers to enable efficient logistics and JIT shipments. Viva has earned very high level of customer loyalty for our outstanding products and services over the years.
Intellectual Property
Viva is fully respectful to IP rights and does not produce or sell any products that infringe any IP. Viva is keen to defend our own IP rights to order to maintain the integrity of our products and to protect our customers' interests.
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